February 13, 2018

The Identification of Caterpillars of Australia


Some Caterpillars are easy to identify because they have some unique characteristic, but most are rather similar to each other. Most taxonomy has been performed using the adult forms, so the only sure way to determine their species is to rear them through to the adult butterfly or moth, and then identify that.

Some caterpillars can be identified to the individual species.
Some can only be identified easily to the family.
Some are not true Caterpillars at all.

If you cannot get enough information from the
rest of this page, please feel free to contact us,
and tell us:


  • country (not obvious from email!),
  • state or province or area,
  • length and diameter,
  • colour and description,
  • circumstances in which it was found,
  • possible foodplants, and
  • if at all possible: a photograph of it.Please note that we don’t know much about non-Australian species.


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