Blistered Grasshopper

Scientific Name: Monistria pustulifera

Other Common Names: Blistered Pyrgomorph, Arid Inland Painted Grasshopper

Species documented in 1871 by Walker.


The blistered grasshopper (or pyrgomorph) belongs to the family Pyrgomorphidae. This family has some of the smallest and some of the largest grasshoppers in Australia. The pustulifera species can grow up to 65mm in length.

This short horned grasshopper has a mottled body, with orange-yellow spots all over.



The blistered pyrgomorph is found throughout Australia.



This grasshopper is known to be preyed upon by the Straw-necked Ibis (Threskiornis spinicollis) (Carrick, 1959). It also falls victim to mite attacks by a species of Trombella which parasites on this grasshopper (Key & Southcott, 1986).

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